Friday, March 25, 2016

My New Book: Keeping Your Dividend Edge

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce the publication of my first book: Keeping Your Dividend Edge: Strategies for Growing & Protecting Your Dividends, now available on Amazon in paperback and in the Kindle eBook format.

Writing a book on dividend investing has been on my mind for several years. This autumn, I finally put pen to paper to address the changing dividend landscape that I've observed -- e.g. the impact of share repurchases, lingering impacts from the financial crisis, increasing global competition, etc. -- and how individual investors might chart a course for long-term success despite these new challenges.

I also wanted the book to be punchy and practical -- something you can read in one sitting with lessons you can immediately apply to your investment process.

The main chapters address the following topics:

Chapter 1: Why Dividend Investing (Still) Works. 13
Chapter 2: 10 Common Mistakes Made by Dividend Investors. 28
Chapter 3: Evaluating Dividend Ideas. 40
Chapter 4: Durable Advantages & Dividends. 48
Chapter 5: Management Matters. 62
Chapter 6: Avoiding Dividend Cuts. 72
Chapter 7: Where to Find Differentiated Dividend Ideas. 87
Chapter 8: When to Sell a Dividend Stock. 98
Chapter 9: Keys to Dividend Reinvestment 111

I hope you enjoy the book. For compliance reasons, I've disabled comments at the bottom of this page, but I would love to hear your thoughts by email. I also encourage you to share your review of the book on the Amazon page.

Thank you for your interest!

Stay patient, stay focused.